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    VM has black screen in viewer, but running thumbnail

    sdmp Lurker

      I have an intermittent problem where my VMs (both Windows and Linux) will boot to a black screen in the viewer, but if I go look at the thumbnails I can see the login screen for that OS. Further, I tried enabling VNC connections and I can actually use the VM with a VNC viewer like Real VNC. From what I've read in trying to trouble shoot this problem, it seems to be related to these issues:


      All VMs Start with Black Screen

      VMware 14 Launch Virtual system black screen

      VMware Workstation 14 runs slowly with a system-wide VPN enabled and guests are stuck with black screen


      I have a VPN and firewall installed by my company's IT department but I have no way of disabling it. What do I need request IT to unblock to allow VMWare to work?