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      • 15. Re: vmexe HP files execution with PowerCLI
        Robert ¯\_ツ_/¯ Enthusiast



        Can you try this:


        Create a cmds.txt with this content (without the "----" of course ):


        cd /tmp

        chmod a=rwx CP035395*

        ./CP035395.vmexe -h



        And then this PS Script:


        $esx_admin = "root"

        $esx_pass = "password"

        $esx_host = "ESXi IP/FQDN"


        $exe_plink = "plink.exe"

        $cmds_plink = "cmds.txt"


        $cmd_arg = "/c echo n | $exe_plink -ssh $esx_host -l $esx_admin -pw $esx_pass -m $cmds_plink"


        Start-Process "cmd" -ArgumentList $cmd_arg -Wait -RedirectStandardOutput 1juhu.log -RedirectStandardError 2err.log



        The last line in the "cmds.txt" only prints the help of the vmexe which you can see in the "1juhu.log" - something like: "OS Version found  [6.5.0]..."


        In the 2err.log are all errors. In the case of "-h" there is always this line:


        ./hpsetup: [-h] | [-d[<file>]] | | [--source=<dir> | [-s] [-f] [-r] [-e] [-g]


        If you like to flash change the last line in the cmds.txt from


        ./CP035395.vmexe -h




        ./CP035395.vmexe -s -r


        -s = Silent, no User Interaction

        -r = Reboot


        Hope this helps.



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        • 16. Re: vmexe HP files execution with PowerCLI
          JStars Enthusiast

          many thanks! I moved to a different department and I can't try it out, however I'll keep the script.. you never know!! Cheers!

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