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    TOTALLY DESPERATE - VMware workstation not working

    darkman088 Novice

      Dear Experts,


      PLEASE help me, I am in such a desperate situation as NEVER before !!!!!!

      I have 2 VMs, which I haven't run for quite a while.

      Yesterday I needed to work again with them, however it turns out to be

      impossible to load or start a VM.

      When I click on the VM file, nothing happens. I see the hard drive spinning

      and even after 30-40 minutes, the VM didn't load !!!!

      This was with VMware Workstation 11, I had quite unpleasant trouble with

      the VMware Authorization service there.

      Now I've seen, that there is VMware Workstation 14 already. So, enough

      time to iron the bugs out, hmmm...

      So, I uninstalled version 11 completely, then I installed version 14, but

      unfortunately it doesn't work AT ALL !!!!!!

      One of the VMs opens and it appears as a tab, however, it's not possible

      to boot it. After a lot of waiting on a black screen, I am getting the following



      Unable to connect to the MKS: too many socket connect attempts, giving up


      I found the following thread, providing a solution:


      Workstation 14 Player MKS: too many socket attempts


      However, when I try to start the VM again, it shows a VMware logo and a

      small circling square below and after very long time... maybe 20 minutes,

      it comes back with the following error:


      Failed to connect pipe to virtual machine: all pipe instances are busy


      I tried to kill all the VMware processes, restarting all the services. I also

      tried to run VMware workstation as Administrator - NOTHING helps !!!!!!

      It SIMPLY doesn't work !!!!!!

      And I NEVER EVER had any problems with VMware workstation - I've been

      using it since version 4 or 5, it had ALWAYS been working flawlessly !!! And

      now this !!!!!

      The host OS is Windows 10.


      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me !!!!!! I am really desperate !!

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