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    Google Chrome & file associations

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      Environment: Horizon 7.0.3 & App Volumes
      VDI: Windows 8.1


      If I package Google Chrome Enterprise (Version 60 to 67), some file assosiations are reset during attachment of this AppStack.

      This happens for these extentions: .htm, .html, .pdf, .svg, .xht and .xhtml. So If I login With Google Chrome attached to my VDI, I get this dialog to choose which application I would like to open the file with.


      Does anyone else experience this?




      Kind regards

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          jlenag Novice

          We had a similar issue with Win 10.  We had to edit and then use the OEMDefaultAssociations.xml file on the Gold image.  Once we set the file extensions there, it stopped asking about default browser settings.   Unsure if it's exactly the same in Win 8.1, but worth a look.


          PDF's can be weird though.  We set Adobe Reader as our default, but if you use Chrome to download a PDF or click on a link to a PDF Chrome will open it by itself regardless of the default app is set to.  There is a setting about forcing Chrome to download the PDFs rather then open them.  That could be used but the user would have to open the Downloads folder and then open the file to get it to open in the correct program.


          Example of the line in the XML file:


            <Association Identifier=".htm" ProgId="ChromeHTML" ApplicationName="Google Chrome" />

            <Association Identifier=".html" ProgId="ChromeHTML" ApplicationName="Google Chrome" />


          Hope that helps!

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            Thank you for replying!


            During provisioning, fileassociations are correct. Chrome is also configured to not be default browser or to open PDF. The issue is when the AppStack is Attached to the VDI.
            During attachment, the desktop is refreshed and something in the background causes fileassociations to be changed.

            Will try VMware support after we migrate away from Persona-management!


            Kind regards