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    Installation of Windows XP on virtual machine so slow with the latest version

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      With VMware WSP 14.1.0 the installation of Windows XP was so easy all the installation files were copied from the iso to the virtual hdd in less than 5 minutes and the installation process was less than 10 but now with the last version 14.1.2 it takes an eternity to install... I have activated virtualization of cpu I put 1024MB of RAM and 10GB hdd allocating space on a single file, it takes like 20 minutes to copy all the system files and the installation process gets frozen on the network setup... if someone knows why windows xp takes too long to install or if I need to enable or disable something on the settings to speed up the process please let me know... thanks btw even virtualbox is faster installing xp...

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          Are you running AVG, Avast or BitDefender 2017 antivirus at the host OS?

          If AVG or Avast then see:

          XP VM suddenly slow, Win 7 fine

          for a solution on using both antivirus products along with VMware


          In Avast Settings, troubleshooting you should uncheck the "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" feature.

          In AVG Settings, troubleshooting, uncheck "Enable hardware-assisted virtualization" feature.

          Note that you will have to reboot to apply the change.

          If you are running BitDefender 2017 at the host then the only solution that I am aware about is to uninstall and revert to an older version of BitDefender.




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