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    Failed to retrieve pairs from Site Recovery Manager Server

    ibrarsajid1 Lurker

      I've two vCenters joined to same platform services controller. When I'm logged in using administrator@vsphere.local, there's no issue and I'm able to do everything within Site Recovery Manager.. I've an AD Integrated authentication setup in and my account is a member of Administrators@vsphere.local group. It was a member before installation of SRM as I read in VMware documentations that if it's not a member before, then you need to manually provide permissions.. So It seems my AD domain account has all the rights required but I'm unable to connect to sites when I'm logged in using domain\username.






      So now I'm logged in with administrator@vsphere.local account and I can see that all the permissions are fine.








      In addition to this, I've restarted SRM and Web Client services on both vCenters.. Any help would be much appreciated..


      The weird thing is SRM is not even prompting me for credentials which it should be and I do have Client Integration Plugin installed and working in my browser..