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    "null desktop launch timing profile for" in View Events

    epa80 Enthusiast

      Is anyone familiar with what "null desktop launch timing profile for user xyz" means in the View events log? I can't say for sure this is even linked to an ongoing issue, but, we come across it in the logs while working on another issue, or even through routine log reviews. We do use cloud pod across 2 data centers, and wonder if it's related to a user authenticating in DC1, but getting a pool/desktop from DC2.


      I couldn't find much through the Google, so, hoping someone on the forums has a better definition than what I have, which is nothing.


      We did enable the timing profiler on all of our brokers a few months ago. If anyone knows the command to verify that, I'd love to have it. I have the comm and to enable/disable, but, would be nice to just check status.


      Thanks in advance.