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    VDP using NFS storage

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      Hello all,


      We are trying to have VDP appliance take backup's of the VM's in vcenter.


      Now there is NAS(running Windows Server storage) on which we have created a NFS share and mounted it to one of the hosts in vcenter. The VDP appliance is deployed on the same datastore and we intend to use the same datastore as backup destination for the vm backups.


      We are now seeing a behaviour such that when backup jobs are started the vdp appliance reboots itself and we lose connectivity as well. looking at the tasks in vcenter we see that the 'reconfigure virtual machine  (target:vdp appliance)' fails with the error 'query send failed'.


      Could this be an issue with NFS datastore being mounted in host with NFS protocol or something else? The appliance rebooting is just strange.

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          daphnissov Guru
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          It may be a combination of that along with the snapshot and mount of VMs running on that NFS datastore to the VDP appliance. But in all honesty, you should be getting away from VDP as quickly as possible and on to something more capable and robust. This may be a lost cause trying to remedy given that VDP has been EoL for some time now.

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            golddiggie Virtuoso

            Never used NFS storage for vDP to use (or live on). When I was using vDP, it had it's own datastore (and LUN) to consume. That was mainly so that it didn't effect any of the VMs that it was backing up. Also, I was using EqualLogic SAN arrays (a pair of PS6210X models) connecting via iSCSI (over dual active 10Gb connections per array). While there were issues with vDP, they weren't related to the storage it was using.


            IF you're going to continue to use vDP, along with the NFS setup, then you need to make sure you have plenty of space available for it. You could, also, contact VMware support over this issue. I wouldn't expect them to offer much to help since there is already a replacement product available (if you're going to keep with something from VMware). Or you should seriously look to get a solid B&R solution in place. There are at least several solid offerings that won't break your budget. Well, unless your company is stupid cheap (like the one where I was using vDP).