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    Reporting on VM powered off duration. Where to set thresholds?

    eric_silberberg Novice

      I see 2 places to adjust powered off duration for idle vm analysis under 6.7

      1. The settings wheel on the reclaim page under Optimize Capacity. This was discussed in Powered-Off Duration

      (BTW I wholeheartedly like the feature request suggested to create as an independent metric.)

      2. I also see it as an alerts threshold under Administration...Policies...Default Policy...(Edit Monitoring Policy) Section 6 Alert/Symptom Definitions "Virtual Machine is powered off."

      The metric description in https://docs.vmware.com/en/vRealize-Operations-Manager/6.7/vrealize-operations-manager-67-reference-guide.pdf


      What is the difference between these two settings? Is the value in the policy what is used for the stock view 'Powered off Virtual Machine List?' I see historical documentation stating the default is 30 days but it now shows as 0. Is this part of the change in the new 6.7 "Capacity Engine?"