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    guest info failures for elasticappa0 elasticappb0 elasticdb0?

    niceguy001 Enthusiast

      as shown in fig. attached below:


      before this happened, i did re-provision all the tiles(from 0 to 3),

      And also tried rebooting PrimeClient, Client VMs and all the workload VMs before executing the VMmark run.

      (the IP mapped each VM in the primeclient's /etc/hosts file correctly and i could manually staf ping ping to the VMs via terminal)

      but this strange issue occurred, which prevents the test from succeed.

      "staxprocessstarterror signal raised. continuing job.", "full status unknown state", "guest info failures for the following machines"


      basically the logs only tell the errors but not the reasons(neither stx_job or guestinfofiles...etc)

      the test result folder is zipped and attached,

      can anyone help???