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    NSX-T SR's but no DR's

    AGDave Enthusiast
      Hi all,



      I'm experimenting with NSX-T at the moment, and I'm having some issues with my T0 and T1 routers. This is NSX-T 2.2 running withing vCenter/ESXi 6.7



      Background tasks completed:


      • NSX-T Manager and Controller deployed
      • ESXi hosts prepped
      • Two transport zones created - One for Overlay, one for VLAN
      • Edge device deployed
      • Edge cluster created
      • Transport nodes created for edge & esxi
      • edge device in both overlay and vlan transport zone
      • ESXi hosts only belonging to overlay transport zone
      • Two routers created
      • T0
      • Interface to logical switch in the VLAN transport zone
      • T1
      • Connected to T0 logical router, sharing routes
      • Attached a VM to overlay logical switch


      Which basically looks like this:


      Perhaps my interpretation is incorrect, but I would assume to have SR's and DR's for both T0 and T1. However, from the edge device:





      This contradicts what's reported in the UI:



      I would expect the transit switch/port information to be populated - can anyone clarify for me, please?


      I have also noticed that even though my T1 router has a downlink interface to a overlay logical switch, and has a interface on that network, it is not advertising this network:


      Anyone got an ideas?


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          lhoffer Hot Shot
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          Everything here looks like it's not recognizing that your T1 router has a downlink to a logical switch (once that's done, it knows what transport zone to propagate the DRs to and will advertise the route).


          Have you confirmed that on the T1 router, you're seeing the expected logical switch(es) and the uplink to T0 when you go to "Configuration" > "Router ports" in the UI?


          If so, do you see any traffic at all when you select the "statistics" icon and is the admin state of the applicable logical switch "up"?