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      • 135. Re: ESXi 5.x on an Intel J1900 board (Q1900-ITX Asrock) issue
        Kpaxart Lurker

        why is there no Download? same question~ can anybody help?

        • 136. Re: ESXi 5.x on an Intel J1900 board (Q1900-ITX Asrock) issue
          AlexP62 Lurker

          On the forums on the Internet and even in support VMware opened several topics on the installation of ESXi on the motherboard with a J1900 processor. The problems are caused by the incompatibility of the video adapter. The problem is solved simply: installing ESXi on USB Flash should be done on another computer that is supported by ESXi. During the installation, specify the automatic assignment of the IP address of the network adapter, the password for root, and the name of the computer. After that, boot from the configured ESXi on the computer with the J1900-based motherboard. Although the screen will not show a transition to the operating mode, the hypervisor will be launched and access to management via the web console will work.
          If desired, you can allow access via ssh during the installation process. In this case, you can access the management console by ssh, although the monitor will not run after running ESXi.

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