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    How to hide a tab in a Xaas form ?

    JeanChristopheDutoit Novice



      I'm currently working with vRealize Automation 7.4.0 and vRealize Orchestrator 7.4.0 and I didn't find any way to hide a tab in a vRA Xaas.

      Nevertheless, I know that it is possible as the "CodeStream" tool provided by VMware itself is able to.


      There are two tabs in this Xaas at the time of it's opening :

      two tabs at xaas opening.PNG


      As soon as you select options on the second tab, more tabs appear :

      new tabs appearing as the checkboxes are enabled.PNG

      Editing the Xaas did not show anything that could explain this capability : the tab *seems* the same than those I use.


      Can some give me a clue about how it is doable ?

      I suspect that there is a more capable Xaas editor than the one I'm currenlty using in vRA ;-)


      Thanks a lot for your help and ideas !