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        adarshm Novice

        If you are using self signed certificate for JMP server, make sure you add certificate exception to browser and then try registering jmp server. Hit the url https://<jmp-server-ip>/xmp/system/versions and add exception to your browser.

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          glowery Novice

          I've also tried this as well and today did a fresh install in our test environment and got similar results only this time it says the horizon certificate is missing.  I've definitely exported the self-signed cert created during the Horizon 7 install to the correct location on the JMP server yet still no luck.


          At this point I'm at a complete loss for where to go next and feel like a crazy person.  Anyone have any other suggestions or experienced similar issues?


          Thanks for everyone's response already as well.  Appreciate it!

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            adarshm Novice

            check that the certificate added to jmp server(horizon and av certificates) have .pem extension not .cer extension

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              sjesse Master
              User ModeratorsvExpert

              How I got the certificates was to go to the page in a web browser, open the certificate, and then export it. Make sure you pick the base 65 option, and then check the extension. Mine kepts saying as .cer so I used a command prompt and the move command to change it to the correct extension. I think if you do it this way your doing it the same way the JMP server needs to so you know you have the correct cert.

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                glowery Novice

                ok, so after deleting my Horizon servers, which had already been through several version upgrades, and re-installing the JMP server along with using the .pem cert extension instead of .cer for both the App Volumes and Horizon certificates I've now finally got everything up and running and integrated.


                Thanks for everyone's suggestions and help, they've been much appreciated!

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