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    404 Error when reconfiguring PSC to External

    bakesale Novice

      I am trying to change the PSC from Embedded to External so that I can create a Universal Transport Zone for my NSX between DC's.  However to do this both vCenter's need to be on the same PSC.  When reconfiguring the PSC I get the following error


      root@vc [ ~ ]# cmsso-util reconfigure --repoint-psc 'psc1.myorg.com' --username Administrator --domain-name vsphere.local --passwd '#domain#SSO@001' --dc-port 443


      Validating Provided Configuration ...

      Infra node url https://psc1.myorg.com:443/sts/STSService/ is up

      Falied to open connection psc1.myorg.com Error: HTTP Error 404: Not Found

      Please check the configuration and retry


      I cannot see to find any resources to determine what the problem could be.