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    VMware Workstation pro 14 scaling issue using Linux VM on a 4k screen 3840x2160 (16:9), going from full screen to console changes scaling from 200% to 100%

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      My issue is a scaling issue when using a Linux VM (I have tried Ubuntu and Kali Linux) with the display resolution set to 3840x2160 and a scale of 200%. (This resolution and scale is perfect for my laptop.) The scaling changes when going from full screen mode to console mode. Workstation changes the scaling to 100% when in console mode, but when going back to full screen the scalling stays at 100%. I have tried using the Stretch Guest and the Center Guest options but the resolution is not very nice to use, with the black bars around the edges.


      I have ensured that VMware Tools is installed on both Linux guest VM's


      A bit more about the system I am running if it helps


      Vmware workstation pro 14.1.2 build 8497320, 

      New Dell XPS 13 9370 with screen resolution of 3840x2160

      Windows 10 Host

      Ubuntu 18.04 LTS VM

      Kali Linux VM


      I have spent several hours looking through the online documentation and reading the discussion boards and googling the issues, I see a few similar issues that others have raised but all are unanswered by Vmware. I am hoping a VMware rep will be reading this and able to give some assistance, I am also aware that colleagues and others are having the same issues with the scaling.