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    Usage Meter per vDC

    MatGTmm Lurker



      I believe we have tried all the possible options but we are not able to breakdown the usage meter per vDC. It seems really silly as we would like to bill customers as per their usage and ensure it exactly reflects the usage metering.

      For compute, we can definitely see the breakdown in the metering. The problem is for vSAN.

      Is there anyway to breakdown the meter report for vSAN? With a customization maybe?

      We are using 3.6

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          cristofski Novice
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          Hi MatGTmm,


          Just want to make sure we are 100% on the same page. Can you please provide some further clarification on your question? For example, when you use the term vDC, are you talking about a standard vCenter "DataCenter" or are we discussing secondary products like vCloud Director which use Org vDC's?


          Also, in UM 3.6 there is an option on the reporting tab for a vSAN cluster report. Have you looked at that report as of yet?



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            MatGTmm Lurker

            Hi Chris,


            Thanks for the feedback,


            I am referring to vCloud Director Org vDC.


            Lets take the hypothesis that one customer = one Org vDC


            In the "virtual machine history" file generated by the usage meter, we can find a breakdown of the memory usage of each vDC. It is even broken down by VM which is very good for billing.

            This usage can be easily reconciled with the value reported to VMware every month.


            For instance if VMware bill me for 1000 points of compute. I can easily split the cost per vDC and therefore per customer. Which enable me to calculate my margin !


            The main challenge is for VSAN. VSAN usage is reported in the file called "Cluster History". But this is the daily VSAN usage for the whole cluster. We did not find anyway to break down this usage per vDC so we can bill the customer accordingly.


            So my question is: is there any way to get a VSAN breakdown per vDC so we can easily allocate the costs for storage to each customer.

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              vinayag Enthusiast
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              In Usage Meter, vSAN metering is based on the Cluster level storage used capacity & vSAN enabled Features.


              In Usage Meter the Customer/Rules could be created depending on the object “Cluster”.

              If only one Org vDC created on the vSAN enabled cluster; Based on the Rules mapped with the Customer name, “Customer Monthly Report” will have the vSAN metered values for the Org vDC in the Usage Meter.


              Ref URL: Rules Doc.