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    Adding static route to non-routed subnet

    RobVerhoeven Lurker

      Hi all,


      Following is the situation:


      We are using an ESXi host for demo purposes with direct-attached storage. To be able to create extra data-stores we have directly attached a NetApp system to serve as NFS server. The reason we attached the NetApp directly to ESXi host is the lack of available switch ports.


      There is a default TCP/IP stack with 172.16.x.x network. I have added a new TCP/IP stack for NFS traffic ( I created a new standard vSwitch with VMkernel port (vmk1) for NFS traffic. The VMkernel port has IP-address I have also added the vmnic which is attached to NetApp port to the new vSwitch. For some reason I cannot get traffic to to go through VMkernel port vmk1. I cannot add a static route because I have no default gateway for this subnet.


      NetApp data-lif serving NFS has IP-address From the NetApp data-lif I can reach (ping) the address of the VMkernel port vmk1 (

      But a traceroute from ESXi shell to NetApp data-lif tries to connect through VMkernel port vmk0 (172.16.x.x).


      Can someone please share some light on this....or perhaps point me in the right direction?!


      Thanks in advance!