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    Anonymous user login and passing parameters to application on HTML client

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      We have tested the Horizon Cloud on Azure solution in our company for the last few months and it works very well. However, to the ideal scenario in which we could use this solution, it currently lacks the functionality that I would like to ask below.


      The questions are mainly about the HTML client


      Is it currently possible, or in the forthcoming development plans, to automatically log in the user (anonymous user) or the password in the url parameter?

      Maybe there are some workarounds?



      Is it possible to send parameters directly to the application via the url address?

      Surely something like this can be obtained in the on premise solution by using the args parameter . However, during the tests we were not able to pass the same parameters in the cloud solution.



      Basically, what I would like to get is the ability to generate a url that I can provide to a group of users so that they can directly access application hosted on the horizon cloud. Any intermediate screens like the login screen in this particular case have a very negative effect on the end-user reception.