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    vRA 7.3 - assign action to resource - show action depending on resource properties

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I want to assign a custom resource action to some of my vRA objects, but show it only, if the object possesses certain characteristics.

      In this case, the object would be a vSphere VM, and the action would recover a backup of the VM. I want the action to be visible only then, if the VM is backed up. The backup status would be indicated by a vRA custom property or a vSphere Tag, for example myCompany.isBackedUp = [true\false].

      I know there is the option for "Target Criteria" when creating\editing the action, like here:

      However, none of the clauses seem to be usable in my case.

      Sadly the whole process does not sem to be documented at all, at least there is no mention on the Target Criteria selection in the 7.3 documentation:

      Create a Resource Action

      Any ideas?