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    corrupt partition

    ckoehler8708 Lurker

      My 286MB locker-Parition on my System sd-card is corrupt.

      How can I format this Partition?


      I tried to repair the filesystem with


      dosfsck -a -w /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba32:0:T0:l0:8


      but it Fails (could not auto-correct)

      Interactive mode (dosfsck -r) crashes.


      other partitions on my sd-card (bootbank, altbootbank) are still working.



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          Marmotte94 Enthusiast

          Hi Christian,

          Did you try this KB ? VMware Knowledge Base


          Thank you,



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            ckoehler8708 Lurker

            Hi Olivier.

            Thank you for your quick answer.


            No, i did not try that kb.

            I think, VOMA will only work with vmfs-partitions.


            My parition is a vfat.



            df -h

            vfat   249.7M  156.7M     93.0M 63% /vmfs/volumes/60c4f6e3-f21bd513-c9a6-885fdf021ddb

            vfat   249.7M  156.7M     93.0M 63% /vmfs/volumes/a2260ce7-eefc7e44-c1ae-885a5a99387c

            vfat   285.8M  205.9M     79.9M 72% /vmfs/volumes/57d17f4b-8b732350-b28f-a0369fb89a00


            on that disk, there are 6 partitions - number 8 is the problematic one:



            968 255 63 15564800

            1 64 8191 C12A7328F81F11D2BA4B00A0C93EC93B systemPartition 128

            5 8224 520191 EBD0A0A2B9E5443387C068B6B72699C7 linuxNative 0

            6 520224 1032191 EBD0A0A2B9E5443387C068B6B72699C7 linuxNative 0

            7 1032224 1257471 9D27538040AD11DBBF97000C2911D1B8 vmkDiagnostic 0

            8 1257504 1843199 EBD0A0A2B9E5443387C068B6B72699C7 linuxNative 0

            9 1843200 7086079 9D27538040AD11DBBF97000C2911D1B8 vmkDiagnostic 0


            I followed the instructions in kb-arcticle 2033564 VMware Knowledge Base .

            That article handles a very similar thing, except that I have a Problem with the /store -Partion not with then /altbootbank.

            Unfortunately, the dosfck could not repair it.




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              Marmotte94 Enthusiast


              Yes, sorry...

              I think you can solve your problem whit this post : Corrupted vfat in esxi 6.0


              Thank you,



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                Marmotte94 Enthusiast

                First, I think, you can try to fix your partition with partedUtil tool.


                Thank you,


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                  ckoehler8708 Lurker

                  thany you olivier.

                  i know that really nice article on tirrell.ca.

                  Jeremy Tirrell ended up in recreating a complete new Partition table.


                  May be, there is a better way to delete only the corrupt Partition.


                  I don't know the exact Syntax for the partedUtil.

                  In a testsystem, I've tried to erase the partion with


                  partedUtil mklabel /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba1:C0:T0:L0:8 gpt


                  unfortunately, after that command,

                  df -h

                  is no longer working (error cannot ope volume).



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                    Marmotte94 Enthusiast

                    Show help file to help yourself.


                    [root@esxi:~] partedUtil --help


                    Get Partitions : get <diskName>

                    Set Partitions : set <diskName> ["partNum startSector endSector type attr"]*

                    Delete Partition : delete <diskName> <partNum>

                    Resize Partition : resize <diskName> <partNum> <start> <end>

                    Get Partitions : getptbl <diskName>

                    Set Partitions : setptbl <diskName> <label> ["partNum startSector endSector type/guid attr"]*

                    Fix Partition Table : fix <diskName>

                    Create New Label (all existing data will be lost): mklabel <diskName> <label>

                    Show commonly used partition type guids : showGuids

                    Get usable first and last sectors : getUsableSectors <diskName>

                    Fix GPT Table interactively : fixGpt <diskName>

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                      Marmotte94 Enthusiast

                      Use Delete option.


                      You can see on this article how to delete a partition to the bottom.


                      Thank you,

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                        ckoehler8708 Lurker


                        I know, how to delete the Partition:

                        partedUtil delete /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0 8


                        But I don't know how to recreate only the affected Partition

                        partedUtil setptbl "/dev/disks/mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0" gpt "8 1257504 1843199 EBD0A0A2B9E5443387C068B6B72699C7 0"

                        this will create only one parition, the others will go away


                        Is there a way, to recreate (clear) only Partition 8 and leave the others untouched?


                        Thank you for your Patience.


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                          Marmotte94 Enthusiast


                          I think you can recreate with this command line but in the post from Jeremy Tirrell, he had an error when he tried to recreate.

                          But this command is right.


                          Good luck

                          Thank you,


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                            ckoehler8708 Lurker

                            Hi again.

                            on my testsystem, i tried to do the same like Jeremy in his post.

                            deleted the Partition, disabled coredump, recreated all paritions and reenabled coredump.

                            But I did not end with an empty new volume. My 286MB volume is still filled, nothing has changed....


                            So I don't like to do this on my Produktion System.

                            I will think about a reinstall the hypervisor and restore the config-backup.



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                              welder314 Novice

                              Hi Christian, I know this post is quite old, but I though I would answer in case anyone happens to search. There's no need to mess with the partitions, you can simply reformat the partition:

                              vmkfstools -C vfat -S vfatPrt1 /dev/disks/mpx.vmhba32:C0:T0:L0:8


                              You will end up with a new disk ID of course.


                              Then recreate the symlink to store if you need:

                              rm store

                              ln -s /vmfs/volumes/[new disk ID] store


                              No reboot required.

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                                Genka Lurker

                                I logged in just to say thanks, your belated post got me out of an 11pm hole with a corrupted /store partition on a 6.5 ESXi host that had to be back up and running before morning.


                                I couldn't see anything in /store on another host in the same cluster that looked host-specific so I just scp'ed the contents across from one to the other before rebooting the host and all was right with the world.


                                Thanks again for making the effort to post it here, welder314

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                                  DaDjuL Lurker

                                  This saved my life too, I could format the partition and copy the content from another host


                                  How can this happen on 2 hosts in the same cluster two months after upgrade to 6.5