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    Enable EVC when virtual center is also running as virtual machine

    Wajeeh Enthusiast

      Dear All,


      I need assistance for below, current setup:

      two DL 380p gen8 processor type Xeon CPU E5-2650 (8 core in a processor) (running vsphere 5.5 U2 and are in a cluster)

      1 virtual center is running as a VM


      new coming hardware is one DL 380 Gen 10 processor type Xeon 5118 (2.3Ghz 12 core in a processor)


      I need to add this to existing cluster and migrate the virtual machines to it, but with out enable EVC this can not be done. so which EVC mode needs to be selected for above case of servers? and also do I need to turn off every thing to enable EVC on current cluster of two DL 380 Gen8?


      Let me know if any further details are required before replying to my question.