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    Warning for Supermetric

    JimKnopf99 Master


      i have created a supermetric for my drives to calculate how much space is left.

      Here is the supermetric.


      (This Resource: guestfilesystem:C:\|capacity)-(This Resource: guestfilesystem:C:\|usage)


      Same for other drives like d, e, f, g


      After that, i added as an object type "virtual machine".

      Now, add that supermetric to my policy and wait until the data are available.

      That works fine.


      Now, i created a sympton definition and added that supermetrics to be critical when the size is lower or equal 5.

      After that, i create a warning for that sympton and added all my drives to that warning with a "any" of value.


      But no warning pop up and i have definitly some vm with a lower value of 5 gb in my environment. Am i doing something wrong here?