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    No permisssions - Can't make the initial DATACENTER; or access some parts of vsphere

    ZenWare Novice

      SO I've installed vcenter before so I know that it's a problem with my configuration or S/W.


      I installed vcenter first on a virtual machine, then installed the VCSA and kept running intosimilar problems.

      So I took a baremetal machine and installed vcenter and it seems the problem persists.


      My first installation results in a single vcenter inwhich I can't make my first datacenter.

      The error message is shown below: "Operation cannot be..."




      I tried to add licenses which I was able to do earlier (on my first installment of vcenter) and gave me the following error.


      I looked around to find out what this Global Permission was as I assumed ADMINSTRATOR@VSPHERE.LOCAL permits full authority over vsphere.

      There was an article which said; I had to go into ACCESS CONTROL and create permissions by creating a new USER.

      However, there is nothing visible in the ROLES area... I assume I don't have the permissions.



      Could anyone point me in the right direction?

      I have installed VCSA 6, VCSA 6.5, VCENTER on a VM and on baremetal.


      I am desperate.