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    Enhanced Linked Mode questions

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Hello All,


      I am looking at the possibility of deploying Enhanced Linked Mode (ELM) for an existing vCenter Sever (Embedded PSC) and a new vCenter Server (External PSC) to allow for SSO login to manage both environments. I believe there may be some road blocks and have some questions to validate if it's possible and worth the time.


      1. I found a VMware doc that supports migrating from Embedded PSC to External PSC so I can deploy ELM but just found out that the existing vCSA 6.5 was built using a ghost DNS server. Will I be able to deploy ELM work without a true DNS server in place?


      2.  I am attempting to replicate this in a non-production environment and have encountered errors/issues and curious if this is due to not having a domain in place. I ran the below command and do not see any of the services listed. Is this a domain issue?