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    Problem backing up virtual machines with large hard disk size

    rodrigoechaide Lurker

      Hi community!, I am facing a problem with ghetto since few weeks ago. I use ghetto to backup some virtual machines which run some services into them. The thing is that two of them have hard disk drives with sizes more than 500 GB and most of the times ghetto fails logging the following message:


      "ERROR: Unable to backup <vm_name> due to error in VMDK backup!"


      Some times the backup only lasts 7 seconds and other times it lasts 2060 minutes but the result is the same: The backup fails with the same error! I have also tried running ghetto with the debug flag enabled but it has not given me any relevant information which could help me to solve the problem.


      This is happening with two different scenarios: ESXi Servers with ESXi 4.1 and ESXi 5.5 and in both cases the backups are stored in a NFS location in other server.


      Any idea if ghetto have some issues when backing up large hard disk drives or if there is any problem with the NFS protocol and I should store the backups in an iSCSI location.


      Thanks in advance!