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    vCenter Server Service is not starting

    sadafkhan Enthusiast

      I have performed all the changes to migrate the vCenter Server database from SQL Express to full SQL Server following the Knowledge Base ( that is posted by  VMware ) its URL is mentioned here  for reference VMware KB: Migrating the vCenter Server database from SQL Express to full SQL Server but still vCenter Server Service is requiring SQL Express db instance dependency at service starting however  i have reconfigure the System DSN according to new DB (That is restored in full SQL Server version after getting backup from SQL_Express) and also modified the registry Keys that are required to vCenter according to document as well.


      Please help out.....how can fix this issue.....

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          Fred_vBrain Enthusiast



          have you also edited the vCenter service within registry to remove the SQL Express dependencies?




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            Jellas Novice


            Please try these things...


            To troubleshoot the VMware VirtualCenter Server service when it does not start or fails:

            Note: If you perform a corrective action in any of the following steps, attempt to restart the VMware VirtualCenter Server service.

            1. Verify that the VMware VirtualCenter Server service cannot be restarted.

              Open the Microsoft Services control panel and check the status of the service. For more information on starting the VirtualCenter service if it has stopped, see Stopping, starting, or restarting vCenter services (1003895).

            2. Verify that the configuration of the ODBC Data Source (DSN) used for connection to the database for vCenter Server is correct. For more information, see vCenter Server installation fails with ODBC and DSN errors (1003928).

              Note: For version 2.5.x, ensure that you are using SQL authentication if you are using a Microsoft SQL server. Windows Authentication is not supported. For version 4.x and above Windows Authentication is supported.

            3. Verify that ports 902, 80, and 443 are not being used by any other application. If another application, such as Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) (also known as Web Server (IIS) on Windows 2008 Enterprise) or Routing and Remote Access Service (RAS) or the World Wide Web Publishing Services (W3SVC) or Windows Remote Management service (WS-Management) or the Citrix Licensing Support service is utilizing any of the ports, vCenter Server cannot start. For more information, see Port already in use when installing vCenter Server (4824652).

              If you see an error similar to one of the following when reviewing the logs, another application may be using the ports:

              • Failed to create http proxy: Resource is already in use: Listen socket: :<port>

              • Failed to create http proxy: An attempt was made to access a socket in a way forbidden by its access permissions.
              • proxy failed on port <port>: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

                For more information on checking ports, see Determining if a port is in use (1003971).

            4. Verify the health of the database server that is being used for vCenter Server. If the hard drives are out of space, the database transaction logs are full, or if the database is heavily fragmented, vCenter Server may not start. For more information, see Investigating the health of a vCenter Server database (1003979).

            5. Verify the VMware VirtualCenter Service is running with the proper credentials. For more information, see After installing vCenter Server, the VMware VirtualCenter Server service fails to start (1004280).

            6. Verify that critical folders exist on the vCenter Server host. For more information, see Missing folders on a vCenter Server prevent VirtualCenter Server service from starting (1005882).

            7. Verify that no hardware or software changes have been made to the vCenter server that may have caused the failure. If you have recently made any changes to the vCenter server, undo these changes temporarily for testing purposes.

            8. Before launching vCenter Server, ensure that the VMwareVCMSDS service is running

              VMware Link :  http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/documentLinkInt.do?micrositeID=&popup=true&languageId=&externalID=1003926

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              sadafkhan Enthusiast

              Dear Manfred & Jellas,

              Thank you for reply. Manfred, I have reconfigure the dependency service  of  vCenter Server against the SQL Server entry (Remove the entry ".\VIM_SQLEXP" and type the " MSSQLSERVER " ) but vCenter Server services still not starting and SSO service has been started as well. Before applying said changes, error message was prompt that

              " Error 1068: The dependency service or group failed to start " because i have disabled the service of SQL Server, DB instance name "VIM_SQLEXP" but after applying changes  "


              Error message is prompt that


              " Windows could not start the VMware Virtual Center on local computer. For more information, review the system event log. If this is a non Microsoft Service contact the service vendor and refer to service specific error code 2"


              Error message is reported in Even Viewer regarding vCenter Server service that


              " The description for Event ID 1000 from source VMware VirtualCenter Server can not found. Either the component that raises this event is not installled on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. you can install repair the component on the local computer. If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event. The following information was included with the event:Failed to intiaize VMware Virtual Center. Shuting down ......  the message resources is present but the message is not found in the string /message table"



              Please help out.............

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                Fred_vBrain Enthusiast

                Have you tried to start vCenter in Standalone mode?


                To do so open cmd and go to C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server there start vpxd.exe -s


                Check if there are any error messages. If this comes up without problem only dependencies are the problem.




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                  cmzaw Lurker

                  the command prompt is show but nothing in there.