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    Update causes boot hang

    vishhvaan Lurker

      I recently updated a VM running photon OS and upon rebooting noticed that the VM hangs. After this, I deleted the VM and restored data from a backup and noticed that even with the fresh install, the OS hangs after tdnf update.


      Has anyone else been able to update via tdnf?

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          daphnissov Guru
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          I have before but not recently. What packages did it update, and what version of Photon OS did you start with?

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            vishhvaan Lurker

            I started from the photon 2.0 iso.


            Here are all the packages that were updated:


            root@test [ / ]# tdnf update

            Refreshing metadata for: 'VMware Photon Linux 2.0(x86_64)'

            Refreshing metadata for: 'VMware Photon Linux 2.0(x86_64) Updates'

            Refreshing metadata for: 'VMware Photon Extras 2.0(x86_64)'

            photon-extras                              106    100%


            file-libs                               x86_64              5.30-3.ph2                 photon-updates        4.80M 5031416



            Total installed size:   4.80M 5031416




            util-linux-libs                         x86_64              2.32-1.ph2                 photon-updates      715.26k 732424

            util-linux                              x86_64              2.32-1.ph2                 photon-updates        4.86M 5101168

            tdnf                                    x86_64              1.2.3-2.ph2                photon-updates      194.86k 199539

            systemd                                 x86_64              233-13.ph2                 photon-updates       18.16M 19043477

            sqlite-libs                             x86_64              3.22.0-2.ph2               photon-updates      876.16k 897184

            shadow-tools                            x86_64              4.2.1-15.ph2               photon-updates      140.34k 143704

            shadow                                  x86_64              4.2.1-15.ph2               photon-updates        1.56M 1632662

            rpm-libs                                x86_64                 photon-updates      810.16k 829607

            rpm                                     x86_64                 photon-updates      280.09k 286816

            python3-setuptools                      noarch              3.6.5-1.ph2                photon-updates        1.59M 1664282

            python3-xml                             x86_64              3.6.5-1.ph2                photon-updates      331.30k 339250

            python3-libs                            x86_64              3.6.5-1.ph2                photon-updates       23.87M 25034304

            python3                                 x86_64              3.6.5-1.ph2                photon-updates        2.78M 2917183

            pcre-libs                               x86_64              8.41-1.ph2                 photon-updates      271.53k 278048

            openssl                                 x86_64              1.0.2o-1.ph2               photon-updates        4.41M 4627117

            openssh-server                          x86_64              7.5p1-10.ph2               photon-updates      901.73k 923372

            openssh-clients                         x86_64              7.5p1-10.ph2               photon-updates        3.78M 3962221

            openssh                                 x86_64              7.5p1-10.ph2               photon-updates            0.00b 0

            xml-security-c                          x86_64              1.7.3-4.ph2                photon-updates        1.38M 1443456

            xerces-c                                x86_64              3.2.1-1.ph2                photon-updates        4.46M 4678200

            open-vm-tools                           x86_64              10.2.0-3.ph2               photon-updates        2.14M 2241505

            ncurses-terminfo                        x86_64              6.0-13.ph2                 photon-updates        1.87M 1956112

            ncurses-libs                            x86_64              6.0-13.ph2                 photon-updates      574.50k 588285

            ncurses                                 x86_64              6.0-13.ph2                 photon-updates      316.05k 323633

            linux-esx                               x86_64              4.9.98-2.ph2               photon-updates        9.70M 10173995

            krb5                                    x86_64              1.16-1.ph2                 photon-updates        3.07M 3218433

            hawkey                                  x86_64              2017.1-6.ph2               photon-updates      146.12k 149624

            glibc                                   x86_64              2.26-10.ph2                photon-updates        7.47M 7830573

            file                                    x86_64              5.30-3.ph2                 photon-updates       38.03k 38943

            curl-libs                               x86_64              7.59.0-1.ph2               photon-updates      524.53k 537120

            curl                                    x86_64              7.59.0-1.ph2               photon-updates      266.53k 272924

            cloud-init                              noarch              0.7.9-14.ph2               photon-updates        2.64M 2766175

            bash                                    x86_64              4.4.12-3.ph2               photon-updates        3.02M 3161863


            Upon rebooting, the booting stops and I see this error message:

            error messages.png


            it then hangs for a long time. Sometimes over 12 hours before I shut it down. Sometimes it boots to the login screen. It is running in an ESXi environment. This used to never happen with previous updates. Any pointers?

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              vishhvaan Lurker

              I should also mention that I install these other packages as well:







              I also mount some nfs shares in /mnt and use systemctl to enable docker as part of my initialization.

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                vishhvaan Lurker

                After some testing, I should clarify that the booting hangs after docker is enabled by systemctl.