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    vRO 7.4 embedded - java.lang.NullPointerException when using ActiveDirectory.searchExactMatch

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I have upgraded vRA to 7.4 and use the embedded VRO with default plugins.

      Since today each time when I try to query the AD to a specific user by the sAMAccount name:

      var Users = ActiveDirectory.searchExactMatch("User" , SAM , 2, adHost);

      var Users = ActiveDirectory.searchExactMatch("User" , SAM , 2); // uses default ad host

      Each time I get the error: java.lang.NullPointerException


      Any tips?


      Edit: Ok so I found the casue of the issue - the AD Host I have been using does not seem to be valid - when trying to query the AD inventory by using the AD plugin, I get no results. When I use another AD host where I am able to query the inventory, the script runs.

      Now the problem is, all of the AD Hosts I have configured in the plugin, are domain controllers that show no errors and can be queried usind for example ADexplorer.


      Another question is - is choosing the DC based on a DNS search a valid option in the AD plugin yet? What I mean is - the DC farm for each domain contains about 10 DC's in my case. I would like to use the ldaps://domain.name:3269 FQDN for my AD queries, instead of selecting single DC's. This way I would not run into errors, when one of the DC's is offline or in maintenance. I have used it like this in vRO 6.x was hoever told that this is not a valid way to configure the AD plugin. The new 7.4 version seems to have a built in mechanism where, when configuring AD hosts, you can group them together to force a RR or Failover selection. Would configuring the Ad hosts like this be of benefit in my case?