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    VMware ESXi 6.5 Installation fails with Error

    TopHatProductions115 Novice

      Dear Community,


             Please bare with me, for I am new to hypervisor operation(s). As such, I may make simple mistakes along the way. I purchased a Dell Precision T7500 from a 3rd party recently, with the following specifications:


      • CPU :: (1x6crs.) Intel Xeon X5650
      • RAM :: (6x2GB) 12GB DDR3

                         NOTE :: 3 active memory channels

      • GPU :: (1x) nVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

                         (1x) nVIDIA GeForce GT 520

      • SFX :: (1x) Creative 'SoundBlaster' Audigy 2
      • STR :: (1x) 4TB HDD

                        (1x) 500GB HDD

                        (1x) 320GB HDD


      In addition to this, I should be receiving a CPU/RAM riser and a 2nd (identical) CPU in the mail in a few days/weeks. In that case, I'll have 2 of the same CPU in this workstation instead of one - and that will be the only thing changing. During the installation, I attempted to install ESXi to the 4TB HDD, to no avail. Here is a video of how my installation went:


      ESXi Install Attempt :: Part I - YouTube


      The final error that I arrive at is:

      • Unable to successfully execute 'tryFormatDevice' after 3 tries

      I've searched across Google, and have only arrived at one possible solution:


      Expand the LUN (size?) from 8GB to 16GB.


      Possibly related topic: ESX 6.5 is unable to format a partition when installing on iSCSI.


      But, how does one expand/extend LUN? Is it in BIOS? Is it something that must be performed in the installer? Please help.

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