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    Upgrade & Migrate from External PSC to Embedded

    mrstorey303 Novice

      Scan reading through the vCenter 6.7 release notes - a key thing that caught my eye was that we no longer have to worry about complex external PSC and load balancer configurations to get linked mode - Hooray!


      I have two questions about it if anyone knows….


      1. To move from a vSphere 6.0 multi-site, 2 x PSC’s in an HA config with custom certs + 1 vCenter per site config, to the single embedded vCenter 6.7 per site model, am I right in thinking that we’d have to complete a full upgrade to 6.7 first, and then deploy a new embedded appliance, and backup and restore vcenter into the new embedded appliance?


      Seems pretty brutal, but I really do despise the whole PSC / HA / HLB setup, would be glad to get away from it.


      2. Aside from SSO performance, what would be the downsides of moving from an external to an embedded model with 6.7?