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    About NSX Edge load balancer Weight

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      Weight is set in Pool of load balancer

      Please tell me what action will be taken if Weight is set.


      I confirmed the operation

      We had a movement that was frequently allocated to servers with high Weight numbers

      Is this movement correct?


      I'd like to do traffic forwarding to the intended server.

      (BIG-IP - Priority Group Activation) operation



      For example



      · There are four web servers (web1, web2, web3, web4).

      - When normal, only load 1 is set for web 1 and web 2.

      · When web 1 fails, only web2 communication

      - When web1 and web2 fail, they communicate with web3 and web4.



      To do this

      Weight setting below.



      web1 weight1

      web2 weight1

      web3 weight2

      web4 weight2



      Argorithm: Round-Robin



      But the operation

      Communication is possible in all situations.