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    Best way to configure RAID controller on ESXi 6.5 server

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      I'm installing and configuring a Lenovo System x3100 M5 Type 5457  server that has embedded RAID controller as ESXi 6.5 server.

      I've read on Lenovo documentation the way by means configure - in the BIOS settings - a RAID 1 array between the two identical installed SAS disks.

      My question is: is there any better and efficient  way to configure the array than that suggested by the Lenovo documentation ?

      In other words, since my server will be an ESXi server, I simply configure the array as any other O.S. or there is a better procedure?

      Thanks in advance.

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          ESXi loads its OS into memory during boot and then runs from memory. From time to time it writes configuration data and (depending on the configuration) log data.


          So ESXi OS itself doesn't have special RAID requirements - well you probably want some redundancy so don't use RAID0.


          I'd say RAID configuration should represent the requirements of your VMs and their workloads.


          Example: I had a case where a VM would have a very high sequential write rate. RAID 6 might provide good redundancy and capacity here but terrible I/O performance.

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