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    Dell Servers - Retrieve IPMI SEL request to host failed

    MTomasko Novice

      I have a Dell R520 and a Dell R730 with Enterprise iDrac cards.  I'm running VMware 6.5U1 on both servers.  Servers have been up about 14 days and I just started getting an error in vCenter "A general system error occurred: Retrieve IPMI SEL request to host failed.".  Nothing has changed in my configuration that caused this. 


      I ran Update Manager with the Dell repository added on the R730 and I see there is iSM 3.0.1 for ESXi600 available, but when I look up the release notes it doesn't list the R730 as being supported, but it lists the R740.  Would update manager show an update if it wasn't compatible?  Any ideas how to fix the IPMI error?  I have an R320 with the basic iDrac and it does not give the error.