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    VMware 6.0: Valid license for addng Host. License decline issue.

    nri_tech1183 Novice

      I have this four month old setup of vmware 6.0 esxi on vmware workstation. Which was unused for past four months. I setup it for lab practice purpose at home but never got chance to use it.


      Today I signed up with vmware for a free key but even that key aint working at all when in my vSphere Web Client.


      Whenever I try to add Host to my existing empty Cluster at the end of the add host wizard it prompts for license key and no matter what license I put in it always throws error. No matter what license I choose it simply doesnt like it and declines.


      Is there separate special license for Nodes & Clusters??


      Refer to below pics.












      Please help me overcome this hurdle.