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    Need some Beggine'rs guidence

    gkman Novice


      Up until now, I used powercli with ease, but I want to build a small app to simplify things a little.
      I am not a professional programmer but am handy with c# and already wrote a few programs so that's what I plan to use (with visual studio). 

      However, I never used external SDK's (I used downloaded DLL libraries, but not SDK's), so I need a little help to get started. 

      My main question (it might sound silly) is how do I use the sdk? Is it simply some DLL's to import?
      I am expecting to simply use objects and methods defined by vmware to connect to vsphere and read or modify my configuration. Is this how it is going to be or should I find a different method of writing my app?

      Any additional information you think I should know is very welcomed.