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    Vim::find_entity_view in vSphere 6.5

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      Hi folks,


      we have installed our first vCenter 6.5 appliance and now a script that ever worked without any problems doesn't work anymore.

      The PerlSDK is still on 6.0, but I can not believe that they did such a change in this fundamental function.


      To simplify it, I try to find a given host:


      $host_view = Vim::find_entity_view( view_type => "HostSystem", 
                                          filter    => {'name' => qr/^$host/i} 

      This won't give a object back although everthing in the name is correct of course. In vCenter 5.5 this works.


      What I found out, that script needs the properties attribut newly:


      $host_view = Vim::find_entity_view( view_type => "HostSystem", 
                                          filter    => {'name' => qr/^$host/i}, 
                                          properties => [ 'name'],


      this works again, but e.g.


      properties => [ 'name', 'summary', 'config']

      does not again.


      Since I need more properties (summary and config for the configManager) this does not realy help me.


      So as summary:

      find_entity_view() seems to need the properies attribut now, but than accepts exact only one property.


      Did anyone hit the same problem yet? Is this a known bug? Any idea how to work around this problem?


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          aleex42 Enthusiast
              my $host_views = Vim::find_entity_views(view_type => 'HostSystem', properties => ['summary', 'name', 'config'], filter => {'name'' => qr/^$host/i});
              foreach my $host (@$host_views) {
                  my $hostname = $host->name; 


          Works perfect for me.


          But I'm using SDK Version 6.5. Can you just try an upgrade?