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    Unknown EtherType handling in DVS

    manamraja Lurker

      Hello Experts,


      Wanted to know how unknown ethertype packets from VM are handled by DVS.


      I see following stats when unknown ethertype packets are received by DVS.


      esxcli network port stats get -p 83886084

      Packet statistics for port 83886084

         Packets received: 11525

         Packets sent: 5983

         Bytes received: 454766

         Bytes sent: 1182070

         Broadcast packets received: 4298

         Broadcast packets sent: 4011

         Multicast packets received: 5249

         Multicast packets sent: 13

         Unicast packets received: 1978

         Unicast packets sent: 1959

         Receive packets dropped: 0

         Transmit packets dropped: 9181


      Is there a option that can be enabled in DVS to forward packets on uplink instead of dropping it?