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    SRM PSC Configuration change during Embedded to External PSC migration

    Dan_Johnson Novice

      I'm in the process of breaking out Embedded PSCs to External PSCs.


      I have a question regarding the SRM configuration.


      At present the VC is pointing to it's Embedded PSC, SRM is pointing to the vCenter & its Embedded PSC.


      I have deployed an external PSC as a replication partner with the embedded PSC, is it possible to now repoint SRM to the external PSC BEFORE repointing the vCenter to the external PSC or is it a requirement that SRM uses the same PSC as the vCenter?


      Ideally i'd like to removal all external reliance on the embedded PSC before re-pointing the VC to the external PSC and retiring the embedded PSC.


      Before is what i'd like to do...SRM.jpg