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    vCenter with Ext. PSC with nested ESG Load Balancer

    derrellb Lurker

      Has anyone seen any supporting documentation for creating high availability for Both the External PSC's and both vCenter's using an NSX ESG as the load balancer?


      We have 2 External PSC's that are joined together.  We have 2 VCSA's that are configured so that we have enhanced linked mode.  We want to enable vCenter HA.  We also want to enable HA on the PSC's.  The only way to automatically fail over the PSC's is to have a load balancer in place with the PSC's and VCSA's pointing to it.


      Is there supporting documentation that allows you to install NSX...which we are going to do anyway, create an ESG load balancer, and repoint the PSC's and VCSA's to this newly installed ESG load balancer?


      I know there is supporting docs for third party load balancers and I know there are supporting docs for this with a load balancer and using the manual fail-over method.  But I have not seen anything on nesting an ESG load balancer for the appliances to have HA.


      Thanks in advance!