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    Migration of VM

    hbhungra Novice



      Please let us know if we can migrate the VM's from VCenter 6.0 to VCenter 6.5 through VConverter with same mac address.




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          pwilk Hot Shot

          Yes, that's possible. Even if you somehow change your MAC address during the conversion, you can change it later on in vCenter itself.

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            MAC is assigned to the NIC.

            When you do a vMotion the MAC is migrated, but when you use a VMware converter, it creates a new VM and MAC.


            So you cannot migrate but manually change the MAC address after the new VM is created using VMware converter.



            Harish Venkatachalam

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              GPVenkatesh Novice

              Hi -


              If you vCenters are 6.0U3 & 6.5 and the licensing available is above enterprise plus, you may try using vSphere replication solution for smooth VM migration across vCenter with no MAC change.


              Interoperability Matrix - VMware Product Interoperability Matrices


              Thank you.

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                RAJ_RAJ Expert

                Hi ,


                vMotion of the virtual machine keeps the MAC address . You can Follow any of the below option 


                Remove the Host from vCenter 6.0 and Add to vCenter 6.5  then do migration of VM , it will have the same MAC address .


                If it is in shared storage ,Map the storage to ESXi on the vCenter 6.5 , unregister the VM VC-6 and register to VC6.5  , but you need downtime ( Power off the VM ).


                Using VMware converter and move the virtual machine , then change the mac address manually


                You Can Use any Replication - vSphere Replication  ,  Storage Replication , any other replication Software which is compatible with VMware


                Export and Import Virtual Machine


                Note that  if any VMs are available on Target vCenter , check that same mac address is there or not before proceeding the migration

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