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    Supermicro E200-9b in a lab

    fafa24 Hot Shot

      Dear All,

      We bought a Supermicro E200-9B Server with the idea
      to install ESXi 6.5 in a lab environment. We know this server is not on the HCL
      of Vmware. However on the internet there are several blogs or discussion that
      it should work.

      Unfortunately we have an issue. The Installation
      starts from the USB stick and get stuck at "relocating modules and
      starting up the kernel". The message on screen before says "....firmware

      Various indication on the Internet says it is a
      graphic issues. Indeed I think the bootloader is nearly finished before it
      changes the screen in another mode. First thing we tried SHIFT+O

      I tried several things to change settings in the
      Bios and even removed the m.sata HD and memory. Installed ESXi 6.0. Nothing

      Motherboard is: X11SBA-LN4F with Bios version 1.1
      dated 01/23/2018

      So I'm reaching out to you if you have another idea or experience with this model? I read there is a possiblitiy with serial cable to log the loader process. It seems quite complicated since there are only USB ports available.