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    VCSA 6.5.0d and ESXi 6.5.0d HA - insufficient configured resources despite adequate resources

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      Hi all - I have a lab running 2 hosts in a cluster on the latest ESXi and VCSA.  I have plenty of experience setting up clusters so I am a bit baffled with this one.  My CPU load on each host is ~5 - 10% and my memory load is about 30%.


      HA issue.png


      I've changed admission control to hosts failures tolerated, % of resources reserved for failure (from 5% - 50%), admission control disabled, etc.  Nothing changes the yellow ! on the cluster and the attached summary message.  I have plenty of datastores for heartbeating and I cannot see anything else wrong.  The hosts are in a cluster, vMotion works, Storage vMotion, etc.  I am using valid (VMUG) licensing for this cluster, so I have all features.  I just cannot figure out why it's complaining.  I haven't actually tried to test HA yet but I never like an alert or "issue" on the cluster.


      Anyone else experiencing this?  Have a 6.0 cluster that's similar without issue!