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    vRA 7.3, vRB 7.3, VIC 1.3.1 - setting up pricing policy for container consumption

    Czernobog Hot Shot


      I've recently started piloting a VIC deployment, with the goal of providing users the means of quickly deploying Container Hosts through the vRA items catalog.


      I have used a slightly modified Version of the guide and Tools published here:

      Using vRealize Automation to Deploy VMware Virtual Container Hosts as a Service - Cloud-Native Apps


      Users are able to deploy Container Hosts this way and those are neatly presented in vRA (as Dynamic Type objects), however there is one design problem I am facing right now and that is to find a way of setting a pricing policy for the Container resource consumption. Since they use some compute resources, I have to find a way now to construct a custom pricing policy or an expansion of the currect policies, that would allow a price calculation each month.


      Currently, the pricing policies are based on vRA reservations, that allow for a quick cost calculation of the VM resource consumption for each client (business group). Treating Containers as VM's makes no sense, so I thought about a calculation that is based on the usage of the resource pool, that is created with each Container host. However there is the challenge of associating the resource pool with the vRA reservation, so that the connection is apparent in vRealize Business. Pricing Methodology is set to Allocation.


      Can someone who has experience in this matter maybe give me a tip on how to efficiently create such a policy?