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    ThinApp Changes Executable Name When Running Captured Application

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      This is an interesting situation that I am having trouble finding a solution to.  I am using ThinApp to capture a work related software application developed by another contractor.  This piece of software uses multiple other pieces of software including things such as Visual Studio and other software developed by the same contractor.


      Now the specific issue I have be grappling with is that it captures all of the software, but when you execute the newly created virtual application, it changes the name of an executable from TestStudio.exe to TE~926NW.EXE.  We have attempted to manipulate the application build to try and figure out why the name would be changed, but we can find no explanation for the name change.


      It doesn't appear to be a factor related to name length because other software executed have longer names.  Nor does it appear to be related to duplicates as only one instance of this particular executable is ran at one time.  The problem is that the TestStudio.exe is supposed to kill itself when finished, but because of the name change, the exe never dies, which stops the next steps in the execution. 


      I am attempting to develop a workaround, but an actual solution to fix the issue is definitely preferred.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.