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    very slow to loging to vsphere web client 6.5

    Maadh Lurker

      Dear All


      I have problem to access to the  Vmware vsphere web client , the login take very long time , it takes about half hour just to login. NOTE. our environment is UCS bald , and the browser that i used is the latest browser of chrome, IE explorer  , Edge , Firefox, also the flash player is the latest update , moreover , i can very fast to access to the UCS, blad server, but its also very slow to access to the ESXI 6.5. also , when the login completed , the browsing  became normal and there are no delay ( only when logging)


      kindly your support , thank you in advance.



      Best Regards

      Maathe Mamoon

      Data Center Engineer

      Central Bank of Iraq

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          pwilk Hot Shot

          It seems like a RAM usage problem. Your vCenter might be a bit short of RAM or there's something else going on in the background. Is your vCenter Windows based or is it the official appliance? Is anything unusual happening in the logs?


          How much RAM is assigned to vCenter Server? How many ESXi hosts and VMs are in your environment?


          Please refer to the following VMware Knowledge Base for VMware recommendations on RAM allocation in different infrastructures.


          Please let me know if that helps.

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            kishorenelvagalu Hot Shot
            VMware EmployeesSkyline Community 2/2GS Skyline Support

            Run the following command to output memory assigned to each of the services:

            • cloudvm-ram-size -l

            Increase the amount of memory assigned to the services by running the following command . I would recommend you to double the memory allocated

            • cloudvm-ram-size -C XXXX vsphere-client

            Restart the service that has been altered

            • service vsphere-client restart

            This should fix the issue for you .