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    Noob trying to create simple C# exe from SDK, can't find apputil.dll

    JeffRozzzzz Enthusiast

      I'm a fairly proficient C# and C++ Windows developer, and I'm getting started with this whole SDK.


      Not being sure which one I need, so I downloaded VMware-vSphereSDK-6.5.0-4571253. The samples, even the main sample, in the "SDK\VMware-vSphereSDK-6.5.0-4571253\SDK\vsphere-ws\dotnet\cs" folder, won't build.


      I ran the VMware PowerCLI powershell installation and was able to get VimService65.dll.


      However, there is no apputil.dll. There is a vmapputil.dll, but that cannot be loaded as a Reference in Visual Studio 2017 b/c it complains it's not a COM component.


      Any help to help me get started is much appreciated.