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    VSAN SIzing

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      Any one done VSAN sizing from the new VSAN Sizing tool.  ?? I have couple of clarifications.  The total CPU Core requirements was 100 Cores , I have selected 32 core/per server without doing any FTT=1 /5 calculation it would required minimum 4 Hosts. However the total hardware requirements itself its coming 4 Hosts including 1 host failure.  Can any one suggest me??

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          balagbm2017 Enthusiast

          Attached the sizing report from VSAN towards the below high level requirements.


          Total No. of VMs is 145 .
          Total no. of physical cores = 180 Physical Cores (Assumed 1pCPU = 4 vCPU)
          Total memory = 2300GB
          Total storage = 25TB


          The reports shows I need 5 Servers,  however the total cpu core required is 180 . The reports give 5 servers ( each one is having 24 cores, in total I will get only 24* 5= 120 cores).. something is not working in the sizing tool or I am missing something. Kindly advise guys.

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            If you have 24 pCores x 5 servers you more than likely have (at least) x2 - x4 that amount of vCPUs.


            So with 2:1 contention that is 240 vCPUs and with 4:1 that is 480 vCPUs


            You have chosen a Fault Tolerance Method of RAID5 therefore the minimum number of hosts is 4.


            You have chosen Host Failures to Tolerate = 1 therefore 4+1 = 5 hosts.