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    Can't uninstall or start VMware-Player-14.1.1-7528167 on Fedora

    KkGMIG29 Lurker

      I'm feeling stuck. I've recently installed a new version of VMWare-Player (14.1.1) and it was working fine until now. When I want to start it, the whole OS just freezes, so I can't really debug it. I've tried uninstalling it using "vmware-installer --uninstall-component vmware-player", but it got stuck as well. I've found there is a process in "uninterrupted sleep" state:

      17461 pts/1    Dl+    0:00 /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-app-control -- -l /usr/lib/vmware

      Here is what's in a log file:

      $ cat /var/log/vmware-installer

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,055]

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,055]

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,055] Installer running.

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,056] Command Line Arguments:

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,056] ['/tmp/vmis.iKqk3d/install/vmware-installer/vmware-installer.py', '--set-setting', 'vmware-installer', 'libconf', '/tmp/vmis.iKqk3d/install/vmware-installer/lib/libconf', '--install-component', '/tmp/vmis.iKqk3d/install/vmware-installer', '--install-bundle', '/home/dmitry/Documents/./VMware-Player-14.1.1-7528167.x86_64.bundle', '', '--uninstall-product', 'vmware-player', '--console', '-I']

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,059] Using UI type console

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,063] System installer version is:

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,063] Running installer version is:

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,063] Opening database file /etc/vmware-installer/database

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,276] Initialized UIAppControl.  Located at: /usr/lib/vmware/bin/vmware-app-control

      [2018-03-13 11:17:00,560] All virtual disks were unmounted successfully

      My system is:

      Fedora release 27 (Twenty Seven)



      Any advice is welcomed, maybe I can manually uninstall it somehow?


      Sincerely, Dmitry