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    Does workstation 14 really have No way to boot an existing VM to an ISO or USB flash drive?

    SecBob Novice

      There appears to be a huge omission in the Workstation 14 software. I have a Windows 10 pro VM that has a problem booting due to an OS file corruption. That is easily fixable on a PC running Windows 10 because I can boot it to a CD/DVD or a USB Flash drive for repairs. I thought for sure VMware allowed this for a VM. But I can find no way to do it. I CAN add an ISO as a CD/DVD drive connected at power-on, but if I boot to firmware VMware doesn't allow me to change to boot order. Nor is there anywhere else in the workstation software settings for the VM where I can do this. I'm guessing they assume your OS can take that responsibility. But that is ridiculous under most circumstances and impossible when the OS won't boot.


      REALLY??? Please, tell me I missed something.


      I was able to map the drive, but it maps as a network drive, so I can't run chkdsk on it. Also, when I try to disconnect the mapped drive it hangs Windows file explorer, requiring a reboot.


      I was able to boot the host pc to a Paragon Hard disk manager pro flash and map the vm drive there to run some checks, but I don't believe that tool will attempt to fix indexes .


      Any ideas?